The Empress

The Empress. A woman in power is what South African photographer Justin Dingwall pictured. We’re able to describe this fashion shoot with two words: ethereal feminity. This three-image selection shows his extraordinary abilities with a camera and the sensibility he has acquired through experience.

The portraits expose a brave woman with character. The model has an imperative presence featuring white, brilliant pearls, and refined lace headdress. Justin collaboratively works with different artists, designers, stylists, among others. On this occasion, he worked with a skillful and talented makeup artist who highlighted the model’s facial features.
We are fascinated by the photographer’s The Empress’ ethereal composition. He nailed the editorial brief by making three powerful pieces highly eye-catchy. “(…)My imagery doesn’t bound by language or culture. I want my work to speak for itself and for people to interpret it in their way. I want people to be affected by my images. As long as someone is feeling something, I am achieving my goals.” Justin states, and he nailed it 😉

The overall work shows a unique and sophisticated aesthetic, enhancing female characteristics in a polished and elegant way with subtle lighting settings that perfectly accompany the whole concept.

An eye for the unusual, a passionate explorer avenue less traveled, and the desire to create images that resonate with emotion are what drives this South African photographer Justin Dingwall. He is a famous commercial photographer and contemporary artist. Having exhibited both locally and internationally.


Credits: Justin Dingwall

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