The Chanler Branding

The Chanler at Cliff Walk, is a boutique hotel located in Newport, Rhode Island. Surrounded by the most famous mansions in New England, the hotel is located at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The 20 bedroom hotel is situated in a 19th century antique mansion. Each bedroom was designed and inspired by different European historical periods. The gardens, beach and panoramic ocean views surround this unique place. The Chanler, offers exclusive amenities guaranteeing visitors a pleasant and relaxing stay. Anagrama‘s creative proposal is based on improving original attributes through a modernist design approach. They designed a logo and emblems system that elegantly communicate brand values. Anagrama created an organic pattern system applied in gold tones simulating the ocean water movement and waves refreshing and splashing on the cliff where the mansion is located. The color palette, which takes Victorian colors as a base, is composed by mostly blue, lavender and gold referencing the mansion’s interior design and the property’s historic value. The typographic selection maintains a classic tone with modern details. The emblem accompanying the brand shows the iconic Mansion Cliff at the Easton beach landscape.


Credits: Anagrama Studio

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