The Beauty of the Rare

The Beauty of the Rare is a photography series featured in the magazine, Tentaciones El País, by Tessa Dóniga Johnson and Christian Baumgartner from design studio Fragmento Universo. The series is centred around the young Spanish actor and director, Eduardo Casanova, who had just directed Pieles (Skin), a film about discrimination and prejudice against people who are considered to be different.
Casanova says, ‘Cinema is like food, if you leave it a long time in the fridge it will rot. If I want to tell a story and I don’t get it out of my head, my brain will get infected‘.
Johnson and Baumgartner’s art direction aimed to go beyond beauty and ugliness, in the same manner that Casanova thinks in his scripts. ‘The art direction of the series marks the idea to provoke the audience, awake consciousness and induce surprise with images that reflect aesthetic pleasure. Octopus, crab burgers, pink cigars and colourful cabbages are the protagonists of this series’ universe.’


Credits: Tessa Dóniga Johnson and Christian Baumgartner - Fragmento Universo

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