Tarot-o-bot — Reboot

Creative studio illo looks to the future with Tarot-o-bot — Reboot, the studio’s staple project originally launched on the occasion of its 7 year anniversary is now getting the 2021 treatment. New cards and new predictions meet the same unrelenting sense of irony for a fresh experience, drawing inspiration from 2020 themes only to look forward to new possible plot-twists.

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical world, the Tarot-o-Bot experience allows the user to trigger the draw of three special tarot cards at the touch of a button. The mystical bot reads the data behind these cards and there it is: a 2021 prediction for the creative and digital world.

Moving beyond the web experience, the illo team also developed an Instagram filter to play with: from the Smartworker to the Lockdowner or the Cure, users can play with the newly designed cards and peek towards 2021 with a lighter heart.

The Tarot-o-Bot — Reboot edition is all about new beginnings, after all, mixing technology, creativity and plenty of tongue-in-cheek references for a year that, if anything, will give us the opportunity to press reboot.


Credits: illo

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