TANSET Tattoo Care

Nowadays, we live in a constant-change society and postpone ourselves, Tanset invites us to prioritize and take care of ourselves by sending a strong message: Carpe Diem or to seize the day and enjoy little things from our everyday life with a vibrant identity designed by Tatabi Studio — based in Valencia, Spain.

Tanset is a cosmetic vegan brand and their goal is to take care of tattooed skins and protect it against UV radiation, preserving tattoos’ colors and relight them as new! This brand sunset-inspired encourages us to enjoy every sunset as it is the first one in a precautious way sun’s radiation has increased in the last years. Engaged with sustainability, Tanset’s packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable and can be refilled or reused for another purpose.
Colorful and fun are the main features of this brand. Logo design follows the brief by transforming the “e” into the sun’s and its reflection on a watery surface. The output, a strong and playful photoshoot with an ’80s imprint associated with the model’s makeup and a plain background that makes this campaign outstand.


Credits: TATABI Studio

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