Tallinn Music Week

When starting a new project, even though we might not know where it leads us, we should conceive its approach and impact on the audience. That will limit our work and make our boundaries more clear. Today, we’re celebrating music again when traveling to Estonia. Once located there, we’re ready for Tallinn Music Week 2019 edition. And AKU‘s creative team was in charge of its visual identity. 

Mostly, social media content is constantly drifting to more dynamic formats. And daily updates are on the main menu. So, for Tallinn Music Week, creatives came up with a dynamic and rhythmic concept like the music itself. Likewise, music has many varied genres, so to create these compositions, clean and minimal shapes. Both bidimensional and three-dimensional ones form part of the motion graphics of the identity. The color palette chosen for the project was a greyscale with an accent of vibrant red.
Moreover, the designer’s choice for typography features a modern and super trendy font. We believe this kind of typeface will be one of 2022’s most frequented trends, whereas for 2021 were bold, curvy ones. 

All in all, we’re surprised by how avant-garde is Tallinn Music Week 2019 visual identity. And by how designers managed to create some music-inspired motion grpahics. 


Credits: AKU

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