.SWOOSH | Nike goes web3

After 50 years in business, tomorrow, Nike will enter this third phase of the internet. In continuance with its sustainability plan, the iconic sportswear brand chooses the Polygon blockchain to secure the community’s creations. This might sound challenging for some people though .SWOOSH aims to be a friendly platform for non-web3 users. 

We all agree that Nike’s marketing rapidly adapted to its community’s constant yet vertiginous new values. They saw the opportunity from the brand’s fandom to make a more collaborative and inclusive Nike.

.SWOOSH won’t only be a space for designers or creatives but for every Nike enthusiast to flex and exchange their digital products. From sneakers to different apparel items or accessories will be available for you to wear in different immersive experiences. Moreover, some of .SWOOSH’s virtual creations will unlock IRL benefits, like events or products. 

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Credits: .SWOOSH

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