Swiss Knife Script for After Effects

Hello, everyone! We are glad to share with you another script by Motion Design School😎 We did our best in collaboration with Michael Uglev to create really versatile script! So, meet the Swiss Knife!😍 It’s a very useful tool that can be applied in a big variety of animation tasks. UI animation, templates, character animation and anything you can imagine! This tool contains more than 20 functions whiсh can be combined with each other as well. 😳 So, if you are the student of Motion Design School just drop us a line and you will get it for free! But if you are not, we have 10 promo-codes for absolutely everyone! And we are making a quiz in which you can win them! Just repost it on your page and wait for June 15th! Well, until then, watch the promo!😃

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Motion Design School

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