Surreal Mexico Photography

Benoit Paillé is on the road in his small 21 feet camper for 3 years now. He chose to transform his life in an attempt to transform his art. It was for him a radical decision. Gaining mobility favorised the emergence of situations that arise his creativity. He travels to the places that interests him the most, in between countryside and cities, industrial districts, strange parkinglots, documenting at the same time his encounters. Since then, his work became quite biographical and helped a lot to feed his curiosity. All the pictures he takes are not set-up, they are spontaneous using the real flash effect and people on site. His subjects remains mostly strangers or friends that he often juxtaposes to a cheesy panorama with a powerful immersive esthetic. He started experimenting with the colored gels as well giving a new dimension to the picture he creates and imprinting his own presence in the image. In this serie he wants to continue explore the relations between humans and their environment, the exploitation of mass tourism, the concept of private properties and manufactured landscapes. Creating totally surreal pictures without the artifices of extensive retouch. Wired with solar panel, he is totally autonomous (off the grid) in terms of electrical energy, wich allows him an incomparable liberty of movement. The campeur is truly his home, with the retouch center, he even owns a toaster, wich is real luxury. His art is what allows him to sustain this way of life.


Credits: Benoit Paillé

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