Seachange designed Supertrash – a small, family-run collection service with a big purpose; to help divert waste from landfill through circular solutions. This involves repurposing, recycling and reimagining how we dispose of waste. Supertrash is driven by innovation and a genuine desire to help our planet and since 2012 they have diverted almost 6 million kg of waste from going to landfill. In stark contrast, their larger corporate competitors are actually incentivised to do the opposite, as collecting for landfill is their main revenue stream.

Their strategy was to totally disrupt a sector that felt tired and disingenuous. The designers wanted to change people’s perception of what a waste management company can be and position Supertrash as the new-school, innovative, youthful player in the market.

They created a bold new visual identity that can’t be ignored. At its heart, the entire brand is informed by the concept of a circular economy, something Supertrash is working hard towards. This is expressed with an iconic globe logo underpinned by the brand proposition; Turning Trash Around. Repurposing is suggested through the use of overprinting.

Supertrash’s new brand and truck livery has garnered much attention, and given them a platform to express their vision on a global scale.


Credits: Seachange

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