SunSisters Visual Identity

We know many people are escaping the cold weather anytime soon. Have you ever spent X-Mas holidays at a tropical location? If your answer is no, we’ll give you some warm vibes and perhaps convince you to visit a different place. Today, we’re showcasing the Colombian SunSister’s visual identity designed by Robinsson Cravents

In the late days of 2020, the brand asked Robinsson to rethink its branding and packaging. However, the brand’s logo was already defined by Kristina O’Neal, SunSister’s founder. Robinsson just made a few adjustments to fit the overall design. Sunkissed by this project, this is a skincare brand formulated by women for women. Its sparkly tone makes SunSister stand out.
We also love summer’s golden skin tone and sunblock’s smell. Don’t you get those summer vibes already? After half a year of working and redefining, Robinsson has to be more than satisfied with the result. When unboxing the products, we find a pretty shiny surprise inside, the illustration of the sisters in a mesmerizing golden foil. 

All in all, we’re amazed by SunSister’s final appearance. Its look and feel immediately take us to Colombian golden hour. Have you slightly changed your mind about traveling for holidays? Because we’re already packing. 


Credits: Robinsson Cravents

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