Stutterheim AW19 Collection

Besides the ongoing fight against the wet weather demons, Stutterheim takes on yet another battle for the AW19 season – the one against the all enveloping Nordic winter darkness. This season, reflective details and bold, vibrant color choices offer a way to challenge the darkness while dressing protectively, taking the concept of ”protective outerwear” even further. The work of British- born, New York City based artist Anthony McCall – best known for his ’solid- light’ installations – has served as inspiration for the collection, playing with the contrast between light and dark.

”For half the year – from October to March – us Swedes stumble in the dark. We wake up, go to work, leave our offices and go back home – all in a suffocating darkness. For some reason, the majority of people, myself included, tend to reflect this darkness by also dressing in layer upon layer of black.” says Founder and Creative Director Alexander Stutterheim.

”That’s why we wanted to go the other way this winter season. Of course we have the black styles as well (we could never do without them), but for the more brave hearted winter warriors, we introduce a selection of more conspicuous styles to wear as an
antidote to the lack of light.”

Human interaction, community and constant movement are ways to balance the melancholy of the regressing light. To highlight this aspect of being visible and staying safe in an urban environment the AW19 campaign revolves around a group of friends making their way around Stockholm, Stutterheim’s hometown, at dusk, shining bright in seasonal colors.

Safety Yellow, Flame, and Electric Blue are all vibrant and energizing tones, while the more earthy tones Tobacco and Pale Lilac balance it out, to create a harmonized entirety. Other news for the season includes a printed coat created together with Swedish designer Hanna Werning, an ultra lightweight ripstop jacket, along with updated versions of favorite styles known from previous

TThe full AW19 is now available in Europe and US tomorrow at:


Credits: Stutterheim

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