Step Over

Back to vintage and limited-edition sneaker’s business, today we are showcasing Step Over. A multi-label retail space that exhibits a curated range of rare and limited sneaker and streetwear items. Differentiating from the typical sneaker store aesthetic, Both Studio was tasked with creating an identity for Step Over that would elevate the customer experience. Making it something comparable with a designer retail experience, whilst remaining approachable and uncomplicated.

Step Over’s identity features neon lights, cut-outs, and a dividing line within the logo, embedding the brand into space and physical collateral items. An ultra-clean white aesthetic and a minimal futuristic style mainly materialized with neon lights, which on paper it transforms into an embossed silver line.
For the trade dress, a pared-back color palette reflects the fit-out, letting the merchandise become the focal point, following the aesthetic’s main features. Also, this concept applies for the transparent oversized bags takes this further, allowing customers to show off their purchases whilst allowing the Step Over identity to be seen alongside the brand of the items inside.

Both Studio (formerly Mildred & Duck) is a branding and visual communication studio co-founded by Sigiriya Brown and Dan Smith in Melbourne in 2010. Their approach is simple; a genuine interest in the people and companies with which they choose to work leads to thoughtful and relevant design outcomes.


Credits: Both Studio

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