Start-Me-Up Labs

You run a start-up. You’ve got a product. You’re ready to launch. But there is one minor, technical hitch – you don’t have the money to develop a brand. Welcome to Start-Me-Up Labs – a collaboration with Adobe, which is here to sneak you in the back door of the branding world and give you the grand tour. Held at co-working spaces and events, SMU Labs allows you to pick your branding elements a la carte, and then packages them up into a minimum-viable-brand for your minimum-viable-product. Btw. it’s all free!

Pick a shape, a typeface and an emoji expression off the shelf. Spin the colour wheel and get your colour palette without fuss. Pick a new name – are you uber-conservative? conservative-ish? ultra-startupy, startup-esque? What about imagery? We have different starter kits to fit your persona – so you too can show the world you’ll disrupt the status-quo. After all this shopping, visit one of the technicians on site and they’ll integrate your choices into a bunch of apps designed around 3 template styles – playful, simple or bold. Many choices. Such combinations. Now go forth and conquer the world.

Branding, design and concept by For the people (Sydney) in cooperation with Adobe.


Credits: For the people

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