Stamp for Art

Kakei Chong designed Stamp for Art. There is a miniature that carries significant memory of the current time. It always surprises the detail and marks on its surface and tells me where it has been and where it came from. ‘Stamp’ is its name. As a stamp philatelist, the stamp is like a history carrier because every stamp holds a piece of memory.

The set of designed stamps embraces the quintessential creation and typographic style of historical design movements. It aims to bring up attention to the designs’ importance and influences.

However, the ways of mailing have changed over the years. Letter mailing has negatively inclined as parcel mailing becomes more and more popular.

Stamp4rt will be implemented on parcel mailing, using technology support as a sharing medium for rediscovering history and creating new message spreads. Being innovative also preserves traditions.


Credits: Kakei Chong

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