Spring Illustrations

Saturday’s squad is complete with Mathieu Le Berre‘s cool 3D characters and ready to vibe to the funkiest notes. We’ve showcased some of Mathieu’s Spring Illustrations in our last edition of the Illustration Series. But today, we’re presenting the complete collection he’d made during summer/ spring.

A chic, trendy gang of five athletics introduce this design post bringing a lot of attitude and style. Enchanted by the color palette used, it’s out worldly the attention to detail Mathieu has for his creations and the storytelling behind them.
Mathieu’s style is varied besides his hipster and modern characters; he also creates complete and stunning natural environments where different creatures live. Even though we’re only showcasing his static creations, we feel like many things are simultaneously happening. His color management is outstanding; each composition has perfect tone choices, and when taking a step back, looking at the general picture, everything seems to live together peacefully.

An overall incredible work! We’ll be following Le Berre’s future projects, as he left us wanting to see more. Despite having a powerful style, he manages to exceed everyone’s expectations. And he perfectly responds to the brief. Some of the works from his Spring Illustrations were a collaboration featuring other designers with whom he thought of the central concept.

PS: Scroll down! Somewhere in the middle, there’s a cute, blue surprise waiting for you 🙂


Credits: Mathieu Le Berre

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