Spooky Horror Fair

Spooky Horror Fair presents an imaginative monster-themed carnival featuring captivating cards, documents, and immersive experiences that are sure to inspire! Each ride and attraction is brought to life with its own animated icon.

The journey began in late 2022 during the travels of the creator behind this project Or Drori, attending various events and gaining inspiration. While examining the graphic elements on event tickets, he had an idea: “Why not create my own designs for a made up event?!”

In collaboration with the exceptional 3D artist, Itamar Marmur from MOB Design, both meticulously crafted our unique Spooky Horror playground. This creative process significantly elevated our vision, incorporating highly detailed 3D motion graphics for a hyper-realistic aesthetic.

Their muse was drawn from monster depictions worldwide, encompassing influences from anime and classic American cartoons. The exploration of these cultural nuances proved fascinating, enabling us to seamlessly integrate diverse elements into our designs, ensuring they stand out.


Credits: Or Drori and Itamar Marmur

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