Specialty coffee from Coffee Circle

Whether mild and fruity or strong and spicy – at Coffee Circle there is something for every palate. You can not decide or do not know exactly what your counterpart is about? Not a problem, Coffee Circle also offers sample sets with three different coffees (three packs of 100g each for € 15). With the tasting set, packed in a nice box, the coffee tasting can start right away! All those who already know what they want can choose between 10 filter coffee and 6 espresso types in the Coffee Circle online shop (each available in the 350g and 1kg pack, from € 7.90).

Coffee Circle not only pays its coffee farmers fair prices that are well above the world market price for coffee, with every kilo of coffee beans sold also € 1 goes to social projects in the growing countries. So you do not only do good things for you and your loved ones at Christmas with these unique coffee blends, but also for the coffee farmers and their families at the other end of the world. And now just relax in anticipation of a relaxed Advent season!

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Coffee Circle

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