Soulgreen Interior Design

Beautiful Interior design by Simone Pullens in the Netherlands. The design was created for the restaurant Soulgreen.

Soulgreen is a restaurant, a wine bar, a meeting spot, a mission statement and the newest project of the successful Italian Percassi group. It offers a plant-based innovative cuisine and an extensive range of biodynamic wines. The designers translated the ambitious concept into an interior design concept that connects environmental awareness to passionate innovation. A soulful dining experience that serves both you and the planet.
Key components were love for great food, love for the planet and a mission to inspire healthy living. The production and consumption of food in many ways pollutes, wastes and insults the gifts that our planet provides. Soulgreen wants to be different. Translating this ambition into a physical environment, we aimed to make the Soulgreen message truly credible. Cherish the things that are given and enjoy what we create, that is exactly how the space that houses the restaurant was treated.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Simone Pullens

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