Soteria Conservation

Soteria Conservation is a textile-focused studio offering interventive and preventive treatments of a museum standard, working on some of the world’s finest textiles for the public and private sectors. To help them create a representative identity for this unique and unconventional business, they asked Ash Watkins to design its branding.  

With a vast knowledge of textile history and properties, Soteria Conservation studio works with ancient and contemporary objects from different parts of the world. Its new visual identity adopts an approach that represents the brand’s meticulously archiving, preserving, and restoring the objects in their care. When protecting them, they also celebrate their beauty and allow them to inspire future generations.
Inspired by scrolls of textiles, the logo combines the initials of the brand name with a subtle infinity symbol, conveying Soteria Conservation’s dedication to preserving the objects in their care forever. A flexible system displays object photos in beveled frames that highlight their beauty. Plus, it suggests a protective casing, and the negative space creates a clear area for the minimalist typographic choice, allowing object details to be displayed.

The overall visual identity has a dynamic and super professional approach. It perfectly represents Soteria Conservation’s exhaustively working methodology. Plus, it has a modern and contemporary feel even though they work with delicate garments. 


Credits: Ash Watkins

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