Sony Music Benelux

The creative team of Celis Jansen and Joeri Worm developed the new brand strategy, creative direction, and identity for Sony Music Benelux, a major in the music world.

Sony Music, a pioneering music label, believes in the Power of Attention. By employing a forward-thinking A&R strategy, offering tailor-made personal growth programs, and providing state-of-the-art studio facilities, Sony Music Benelux enables artists to create their best music.

This vision steered the development of Sony Music’s new identity, underlining attention to artists, colleagues, partners, and innovative methods of creating exceptional music. This identity, designed with meticulous attention to detail and respect for the artist’s creative work, highlights the brand’s innovative and caring nature. It transcends all communication layers, from wrapping paper to presentation notes, from presentation templates to a personalized welcome screen greeting each visitor.

For the visual identity, the team designed a dynamic pattern inspired by collaborative efforts. Observant individuals might also recognize digital audio tools in the design. The pattern system, capable of highlighting both the foreground and background, gives the label the flexibility to emphasize an artist’s identity when needed.

Joeri says, “Over the past few years, we, as a two-person branding team, have been shaping the new brand direction for Sony Music Benelux from the inside. This arrangement of a small but might team allows us to immerse ourselves in the company’s culture and initiate change from within. This has initiated a wave of change. We’re excited to share some of our results, even though this journey has just begun.

In addition to their role as Heads of Branding at Sony Music Benelux, Joeri and Celis also collaborate with other brands to stimulate internal growth and inspire a new world through branding.


Credits: Celis Jansen & Joeri Worm

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