Solios Solar watches

Rodolphe Beaulieu is the photographer behind the sleek photography set made for Solios, Solar watches.

Fed up with the old fashion industry model that values low quality, short term ephemeral products, Solios believed they had to step up and be part of the change. Solios wants to give people the option to consume sustainable goods without having to sacrifice on design, attractive price or durable quality.
The solar technology is a way of promoting renewable energy and making green innovation accessible to everyone.

The aim of this campaign was to illustrate in a fun and colorful way the solar technology of solios watches. The photo serie plays with light and transparency in an abstract and mysterious universe. It shows 3 differents atmospheres, like 3 moments in a day, an obvious reference to the cycle of the sun that powers the watch. Each image use transparent materials such as glass, a reference to the materials that make up these watches and allow the sun to power them.


Credits: Rodolphe Beaulieu

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