Soft House

A home is a place where our heart belongs to no matter where we physically find ourselves. Back from yesterday’s trip to Hong Kong, today we paused our way back home to visit Soft House in Saudi Arabia. This incredible building is a design from Sivak+Partners architecture studio. We’re showcasing a three-story house with warmness, coziness, and beige colors. Join us.

Soft House is an interior design project for a private residence. A big family and servants live in the building. Sivak+Partners decided to show you the largest and most atmospheric spaces. They aimed to create a sheltered aesthetic all over the rooms to enjoy time alone and with company. As in this place lives a family, architects offer each family member some personal space.
Designers included the landscape’s warmness in the interior, so there will be no color contrast between the outside and inside. The result is a monochromatic beige design featuring high-quality furniture. Plus, the natural light creates a unique atmosphere in the living room along with the light bulbs chosen.
Who doesn’t like big family meals or late-night friends reunions? The dining space offers a large granite table for everyone to join and feel sheltered by the house’s coziness. Also, the cabinets located in the same area provide what’s always missing at some point: storage. And its metal finish plays a spectacular contrast with the naturally textured wall behind it.

All in all, we’re enchanted with the magic this home has when the sun is present. Sivak+Partners got fondly involved with the overall aesthetic and style of Soft House. And they created incredibly cozy atmospheres in which we would spend tons of time inside.


Credits: Sivak+Partners

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