Sleepwa[l]king x YummyColours

YummyColours launches vol 2.0 of Concept of the Year—a collection of work by 72 creators. It is a multidisciplinary inspiration and a collective experience. Concept of the Year is an invitation to explore creativity, think critically, challenge trends, and discover new modes of inspiration. It is an open platform for contributors of all backgrounds to use as inspiration for imagination and discovery.

To develop the Concept of the Year, the studio annually reflects on the coming year by asking questions about the future, analyzing the answers, and synthesizing them into one comprehensive idea. This idea becomes the Concept of the Year. The concept spreads to the participants to interpret as they wish. Two years into the pandemic, YummyColours began to explore the control and lack of it during the states of Sleeping, waking, walking. After brainstorming, they culminated their ideas into the theme of transposition of consciousness. This changing of awareness, shifting sensibilities, and the state of being in the in-between is best summarized as the concept for 2022: Sleepwa[l]king.

From architects and chefs to scientists and technologists, activists, and photographers, YummyColours presented this open-ended concept to 72 international creators.


Credits: YummyColours in collaborations with 72 multidisciplinary creators

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