Silo rebrand

When Silo came to Goldfront, they were regarded as a food logistics solution, one among many, but their ambition was much greater. They believed they could transform the way the global food supply chain works. Working with founders Ashton Braun and Antonio Bustamante, Goldfront identified a critical gap in the industry: Food Intelligence. While most modern marketplaces are powered by data and intelligence, the food supply chain lacked that entirely. From there, they saw the opportunity to launch a new category: The first Adaptive Food Platform.

From there, Goldfront brought the new category to life, developing Sios brand identity system and website. Goldfront started by creating a new logotype that is defined by its bold character, mirroring the impact they wish to make in the world. They also created a standalone mark based on the letter shapes of the logo, a nod to silo fill levels. Every other part of the brand system, from the color palette to the food photography makes the striking point that Silo is nothing like its competitors. In this way the brand is designed to act as a strange attractor and confident leader to prospective customers.

The world will be better off for Silo.


Emily Yurko & Josh Lowman (ECDs); Jonathan Haggard (Creative Director); Francisco Andriani, Asis (Art Director); Clara Fernandez, Asis (Art Director); Gustavo Rodas (Designer); Tyrell Cerveny (Designer); Weldon Pless (Creative Director/Copy); Patrick Haadsma (Writer); Jacqui Newmark (UX); Bruno Perisco (Illustrator); Magalí Polverino (Photography); Dolores Braga Menéndez (Food Styling)


Credits: Goldfront

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