Si Cara

Pizza, natural wine & simple things done well. Si Cara is a place for family, friends and the daily celebrations of ordinary life. A Neighborhood pizzabar in Boston created by Michael Lombardi, Si Cara is dedicated to serving up Canotto style pizza and natural wine in a modern, informal setting. “Si Cara” , which in Italian means ‘yes my dear’ or ‘my love’, is reminiscent of Michael\’s childhood, and the aromas of his grandparents home cooking and Crown Creative ensured that the brand, design, copywriting and brand voice all reflect and embrace this sense of care and the genuine and wholesome narrative across each brand touchpoint. The team at Crow Creative developed a logo system that allows for versatility across collateral and custom hand-drawn illustrations that mirror the informal yet considered ethos behind Si Cara, paired with a relaxed and straight forward typeface system.


Credits: Crown Creative

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