Type Series: Inconstant Regular

In the last three years, accessibility has become a relevant issue for UX/UI designers. Webinars and specializations around this topic ended up with conscious results. Also, the evolution of apps and how they are designed is something to celebrate. Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins or blogs where to find relevant information. However, there are still some other groups who aren't widely represented in this inclusive movement. Dyslexia affects more than 780M people worldwide. Yet we don't often talk about it.

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05.11 2022

Back with the Type Series, here's Inconstant Regular, a font designed to help improve legibility for people with Dyslexia by Brokstad Studio. For those who aren't familiar with or ever wonder how it feels, this creative studio states: "Sometimes the sentence just falls apart when I'm trying to read it. Do you ever experience the same thing? If so, you might have Dyslexia."

Inconstant Regular is your consistently-inconsistent-not-so-regular Sans Serif, created to be friendly to Dyslexia and designers alike. Through its irregular shapes, contextual alternatives, and built-in variable accessibility features, it can be tailored to your individual needs and desired typographic aesthetic.

When planning and designing Inconstant Regular, Brokstad Studio considered each characteristic feature of the type design to be put on trial. Ascenders, descenders, x-height, and dots are customizable, so it reads best. Or you achieve the overall aesthetic.

Plus, Inconstant Regular contains three stylistic sets. You can combine them all together or periodically to add extra irregularity, so each letter becomes more recognizable 😉

Shoutout to keeping the optimistic and inclusive movements in our society 🙂 And let our caring and creative community take positive action for those who aren't represented. Let's keep up as a fair society.

Credits: BROKSTAD Studio

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