Top 10: Typographic Branding

Typefaces can communicate way faster than a logo does. With fonts, you don't have to break them down to understand them unless they are hard to read or have a certain logic to be coded. Here at Mindsparkle Mag, you know how fond we're of branding projects. This week meet the best of the best with our Top 10: Typographic Branding. 

Yes, we mentioned above that some fonts are challenging when you want to understand them, or others have a greater purpose in life rather than being aesthetic. For instance, you might have heard about Sans Forgetica, the font to remember, developed by RMIT University. It was designed by academics to improve memory retention and help people study. 
This carefully curated selection contains many projects that stand out for the typeface chosen because it communicates the brand's essence within it. As font geeks, we're here to reveal the best uses of typography among design case studies. 

Take two minutes to chill and enjoy this week's Top 10: Typographic Branding. And be ready to be super inspired by these gorgeous design projects. 

27.07 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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