Top 10: Scents

From a couple of thousands of years ago, scents traveled all over the world in varied forms. Therefore, societies managed to preserve some fragrances and combine them in unthinkable ways. Meet this week's Top 10: Scents Packaging

Creative to aromatize our beloving homes and workspaces, the industry came up with many formats to do so. Consequently, these packagings acquire different configurations. Here's our carefully curated selection of the best projects live. Styles vary from ultra-clean, minimal aesthetics to some bold, vibrant colors ones.
At Mindsparkle Mag, we believe each individual and space has its singular fragrance, and why not empower it? Have you ever wondered what elements make your original scent unique? Plus, what visual identity would you give it? Perhaps, it might be featured in the next Top 10: Scents Packaging.

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23.11 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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