Top 10: Packed-in-glass

Today, we're going back a couple of thousands of years ago to share some knowledge about a transparent, mostly fragile material with formidable uses these days. Did you guess it? Well, glass is one of the first naturally-made materials due to volcanic activity. The key to its formation is the rapid cooling of the molten form. Let's all enjoy this week, Top 10: Packed-in-glass.

In virtue of the material's ease of formability, creatives took advantage of this feature to create and explore shapes and developed techniques to mold glass. However, its capabilities weren't left behind with the technological advance. Today, we use different types and formats of glass every day.

We've curated some out-of-the-blue projects highlighting from the most common shapes of glass packaging to some super complex textured surfaces. Top 10: Packed-in-glass features from bottled beverages to honey jars, fancy Eau de perfume, and make-up packaging.
Plus, its clear format is the feature that presents more appealing to us, mostly when the light goes through its uneven surface and reflects unique colors.

If you're interested in Top 10: Packed-in-glass, we invite you to watch Blown Away, a competition among glass blowers and molders judged by many famous characters from the industry.

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15.11 2022


The Farmer’s Wife Distillery by Beech

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