Top 10: New Fonts

Trends in fonts have been fluctuating during the last months until now. For granted, two flows set the path. There's grunge, funky, more grotesque way, and a fancy, ethereal serif side. A design antithesis is taking place. So, today we found ourselves in need to showcase and contrast these two different styles. Here to you, Top 10: New Fonts.

Classic vintage vibes and unique, thin-stroked fonts are today's currency when starting a new project. Mostly, the approach depends on our decision and the client's brief. Among this strong dichotomy, the influences inside each vary from time to time. Font designers or professionals in the subject might have witnessed or studied this scenario when two antagonist movements become contemporary.
This week's inspirational curation was a big deal for some reason, we love font design, but we find it very hard to showcase them in a fair display. As it mostly depends on how designers have conceived to showcase their work. Usually, we enjoy immersing in the font's universe, colors and images. However, we also believe that an effective way to check how the font sticks with our design is to create a graphic piece that looks real within our work.

All in all, we hope you enjoy this week's Top 10: New Fonts and share it with the ones who might need to unlock and download some new fonts to their computers. Have a great week.

24.05 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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