Top 10: May Branding

After a never ending April, May pulled out ten days already. But that's life, nothing we can do about it but design our very best :). Back to Tuesday's visual identity inspiration, here's our best work selected for this month. Meet Top 10: May Branding.

For this Top 10 edition, we went 100% bold with the projects featured. Heavy contrasts and assertive color palettes identify our selection. Plus, we included unique and strong identities to add a little bit of spice to this fast and furious month. Seriously, this month is rushing, don't you agree?
Like every week, we dedicate part of our time to curating and preparing this gorgeous selection of works that might inspire your current projects. From food branding to personal identities, even coffee packaging, this is a soaking experience in brand design. How long has it been since you went 100% bold in your graphic pieces? Even though we're usually working with clients, it's always good to light our wild, creative side and design something that gives us satisfaction.

So, if this article doesn't inspire you to do so perhaps these images do 🙂 Don't forget your essence! Enjoy Top 10: May Branding.

10.05 2022

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for our new top collections on Mindsparkle Mag's all social channels. You can now find all these projects as inspirations on our Pinterest board Top 10: May's Branding series.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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