Top 10: Hotel Branding

Already 334/365 days are gone from 2021, and the only way we can pull it through is with vacations on the foresight. If you haven't traveled for pleasure yet, and don't have plans either, our weekly inspiration quote might trigger you to go on an adventure soon. Here to you, Top 10: Hotel Branding.

Yes, we usually spend a lot of time and have millions of incognito tabs open when organizing a big trip. That's just the way it flows. After researching on the remaining 16 hours of the day, we find one hotel that has everything we're expecting. And that's when the feeling of success floods our body by thanking ourselves for not conforming with the first, regular options. For us, that's when the travel is on track.
This week, we're showcasing all brand-new projects on Mindsparkle. Their styles are varied, and we are sure there's one that ticks all the boxes from your checklist. From solid, elegant brand hotels to some trendy, casual ones with fresh aesthetics, Top 10: Hotel Branding has it all. As we always mention, take this edition to reset your mindset and collect some new inspiration.

If this curated selection doesn't encourage you to take you on a trip, we surrender. There's no need to book a fancy destination, just by changing the scenery it's more than enough! The fact of being somewhere new it's still an adventure. And today, we want to take you out of your comfort zone 🙂

30.11 2021

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for our new top collections on Mindsparkle Mag's all social channels. You can now find all these projects as inspirations on our Pinterest board Top 10: Hotel Branding series.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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