Top 10: Fashion Identities

The last edition of the Top 10 Series was all about tote bags. Usually, many fashion brands make use of these long-lasting packaging for us to become their free advertising. We've all witnessed that at some time of the year, particularly closer to holidays, brands' bags crowd the streets when there are discounts by the end of each season. And we got the urge to get inside their shops and at least check what's going on. So, digging clothing, today, we're presenting Top 10: Fashion Identities.

We've carefully curated projects which have this trendy, off-road resource with a twist. All the ten projects curated are brand new to Mindsparkle. Plus, we saw some promising features in their designs, as they are super easy to identify. It's always good to remind that this selection is for you to take as a source of inspiration for your future projects and enjoy some good design too! We included some warm hugging identities, great typography choices, and tons of textures 😉
While curating this selection, we've been thinking of how important is a brand's visual identity and the recognition and differential factor among others in the industry. Also, we've seen many top-level fashion brands renew their image to update and follow the latest trends towards a more balanced and cleaner visual identity.

Wear the most iconic outfit that makes you, you for this week's Top 10: Fashion Identities. We'd love to read your thoughts on comments about the shift from many brands to these classic, minimal rebranding designs. Do you believe that brands should update their visual identity and leave all history behind? Here's the link to the post, we want to hear your voices.

02.11 2021

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for our new top collections on Mindsparkle Mag's all social channels. You can now find all these projects as inspirations on our Pinterest board Top 10: Fashion Identities series

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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