Top 10: Eyewear Branding

Already half summer is gone, and as every year, sunglasses are a must to complete your daily outfits. Luckily, this last year, fashion trends play with vibrant colors and retro shapes. We're not against the classics, but it's good to see some refreshing fads. Meet this week's Top 10: Eyewear Branding to stay shady 😉

Excited by this curated selection, we believe there's a certain mystic behind wearing sunnies as they add an intriguing factor to your personality. Let's reveal what's under eyewear's branding design.
This season is about bringing back some vintage forms and restoring originality to your #ootd. At Mindsparkle Mag, we perceive this as a positive feature as we believe that differences within individuals conceive a more valuable and varied community.

Have you already picked today's sunglasses? If not, we suggest you scroll down and check for sunnies to complete your outfit or inspire your next branding project with our Top 10: Eyewear Branding.

16.08 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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