Top 10: Eccentric Book Covers

There's a phrase that states that we shouldn't judge a book for its cover. However, today we're doing the exact opposite regardless of its topic. We'll be valuing ten different in style and format printed covers. Continuing with last week's story, we're presenting Top 10: Eccentric Book Covers, the sequel.

In the previous episode, we went for amazingly designed black and white editorial books and agendas. Now we're going full color and letting our imagination daydream about these covers! Have you ever wonder how a printed autobiographic edition of your life would look? As we're deeply involved in a design community, we'd be wishing to add a cover to every chapter of our lives 😉
As usual, we've carefully curated a selection of varied in-style cover books. On this occasion, the techniques used for the front pages differ in technology and materials; some of them took an ordinary printing process, others were hole punched, some others required a perfectly executed emboss technique. We love curating these special editions for you to take as inspiration for your future design projects.

All in all, if you haven't been reading much, perhaps Top 10: Eccentric Book Covers triggers you to go back to old habits. Let's see if any cover featured today represents at least a chapter from your life 🙂

12.10 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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