Top 10: December Branding

The first week of December is already gone, and the countdown to 2022 is going super fast! However, this week's Top 10 isn't holiday-themed. There are two upcoming weeks to prepare something festive. So, today we're showcasing some stunning designs that will be setting next year's trends. Here to you Top 10: December Branding.

We're super excited and curious about where the tendency will be drifting if there will be some iconic and remarkable trends like this 2021. This selection, we have carefully curated, features ten branding projects that have different looks and feel. The styles vary from elegant and fancy brands to playful and colorful ones, and some others with a modern and clean aesthetic. Honestly, we're super pleased with this collection.
As we always mention, this is our heartfelt gift for you, and we're grateful for the love you give this Mindsparkle Top 10 every week. And your positive feedback is what makes us keep going. Among some good news, we're proud to mention we're close to completing the 52 editions of this section. And we might come up with a surprise for achieving such a great goal.

All in all, after enjoying Top 10: December Branding stunning projects. Do you see any potential for a 2022 upcoming trend? Let us know on our social media.

07.12 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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