Top 10: Coffee Cups

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the small cafes' mystic have in every city or town. Continuing in that line of thought, we're showcasing a collection of these varied in size disposable cups of warm happiness baristas give us for takeaway. After they hand in the coffee, there's a period of contentment until the containers are weightless, and we should get rid of them. At that moment, we feel sorry to dispatch the cute, friendly packaging as we would love to take it home with us for next morning's coffee. In this week's Top 10 Series, we're showcasing Top 10: Coffee Cups.

This post makes us think about the opportunity cafes have to make these takeaway packagings last longer or apply their incredible designs to travel mugs and refill them. Perhaps this idea sticks to you and triggers a new project 😉 Going back to the visual side of this post, we've carefully curated a selection of coffee cups you won't throw away for anything in this world. And would love to pour your next morning coffee in there.
The collection includes some colorful and vibrant cups, and others more elegant, featuring neutral colors. Plus, there are some illustrated ones. But if you know us well, for granted, there are others designs type-based. We love those types of projects, but we believe in the importance of variety, which makes us grow.

Now, if you aren't craving a coffee, this is our invitation to scroll down and enjoy these beautiful projects from our Top 10: Coffee Cups designs. Let's get some caffeine in our veins!

07.09 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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