Top 10: Chocolate

Not so long ago, there'd news out about the critical situation about cacao beans and chocolate production. And, of course, the whole world started panicking. It's a new week, and we're excited to showcase branding and packaging designs that revolve around the candy most people crave. Meet Top 10: Chocolate.

It's getting late, and for further inspiration to write this article we're sharing some chocolate bars. With the Mindsparkle team, we love food as it's something that connects us all around the table. There's some mystic when we stay after properly eating enjoying our high serotonin levels. And what would increase it more are some tiny chocolate bites.
Like every week, we're featuring brand new projects that whimsically represent chocolate's beauty and unique taste. Moreover, we carefully curated works from all over the world. And we're super curious about how other cultures treat cacao and its meaning. Diverse techniques and vibrant colors wrap the most craved good this edition.

All in all., we hope Top 10: Chocolate inspires you for the rest of the week. Hold on! Before scrolling and enjoying this tasty Top 10, why don't you look in your candy drawer and grab something choccy?

18.01 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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