Top 10: Cafe Identities

Today we're featuring that special, cozy place where you go to get happiness in a cup. A couple of months ago, we had showcased coffee identities, but on this occasion, we wanted to share with you some comfortable spaces and their overall aesthetics. This week's Top Series is about Top 10: Cafe Identities.

One thing we love about cafes is the ability to create a cozy atmosphere. That exact moment when you put on your headphones and let yourself transport somewhere else. This edition includes that mystic mood cafes own, featuring modern and neon lights stores to classic vintage shops. Plus, some coffee cups to take-away designs with creative graphic compositions. Once again, we are presenting a carefully curated selection, some of them have been showcased in Mindsparkle Mag before, and others are brand new.
The projects we're showcasing have varied styles, and we love unplanned plans, like going out for a coffee. Sometimes when you're tourist-walking on a new neighborhood and see a store you vibe with, you get in. We believe with cafes, happen the same it depends on our mood. Top 10: Cafe Identities allows us to bond with our design-inspirational community, and we'd love to chat with you and grow together.

Take this week's Top 10 Series edition as our invitation for you to take a pause and enjoy a warm foamy beverage and a delicatessen. It's essential to spend some time with yourself, have some comfort food and disconnect from the world for a while. So, scroll down and enjoy these coffee sanctuaries. Have a nice day!

This is another series from the upcoming new Top 10 Series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the last design trends, including branding, photography, packaging, web and more. Enjoy!

17.08 2021


Caldo Coffee Branding by 25AH

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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