Top 10: Business Cards Vol. 2

When living in an all-digital environment, sometimes file-printed versions seem useless. And let's not even mention the amount of space they take. However, this might have an environment-friendly purpose which we are in favor of it. When showcasing a branding project, business cards seem to become the centerpiece. Regardless, in real life, they don't seem quite popular. Did business cards prescribe? Find out in Top 10: Business Cards Vol. 2

Like every week, this is our carefully curated selection of the best projects surrounding the net. And this edition is all about business cards and their unique presence when standing up for a visual identity. Yet, to be honest, we haven't witnessed anybody carrying their personal cards in the last decade or so.
On the other hand, we understand and share business cards' aesthetic weight. And know firsthand that communicating in small formats is always challenging though it summarizes all the work done. The tiny pieces of thick paper have that je ne sais quoi that makes them beautiful.

Aligned with an eco-friendly mindset, everything in the mockup world looks stunning. Yet do you know how much water is involved in the paper-making industry? Brands with sustainable consciousness had to figure this out in the greenest way possible. Nevertheless, the digital world allows us to try uncharted ways for branding projects. Enjoy this week's Top 10: Business Cards Vol. 2 and get inspired 🙂

03.08 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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