Top 10: Branding on Posters

Now, worldwide, we're all living under the spring or autumn equinox, depending on where located. So, we're all able to walk down past the street without suffering extreme weather conditions. In urbanized areas, we're flashlight by the number of ads or visual stimulation. And the competition to catch our attention is savage. If you identify with this, luckily for you, we came up with Top 10: Branding on Posters.

This Top 10 features a colorful selection of graphic compositions thought for urban spaces. We came across super modern designs and diverse technologies for their large-scale production. Some curated projects include human images digitally treated to match the overall composition and stand out from a distant point of view. Plus, we're witnessing the evolution of the printing process. About six years ago, when printing a color gradient was a headache, today seems a natural use.
While creating this selection, we thought of the importance of balance and the striking, surprise factor that will wow us. As usual, we've carefully curated premier projects from all around the world. However, we want to make a special mention to Nick Barclay, as he has been featured three times in this Top 10 edition. What an honor!

So, we're super intrigued about which project got your attention at first sight. We believe all include some extra feature that makes it unique and vibe high.  Take this as our invitation for you to scroll down through Top 10: Branding on Posters and picture yourself walking on the streets and coming across these incredible designs. 

09.11 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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