Top 10: Black & White Projects

The equinox happened yesterday, and did you know that the day lasted the same as the night worldwide? This week celebrating light and darkness, we came up with a timeless edition of Top 10: Black & White Projects.

Some of the last projects featured on Mindsparkle Mag made reminiscence to this week's Top 10. However, we've curated ten brand-new projects for your weekly inspiration. Particularly not in the search for balance and life-wise, sometimes there are more moments of darkness than light. Hence, this collection features more gloomy projects. But cheer up lighter times are always forthcoming.
The Top 10: Black & White Projects gathers branding, packaging, and character designs with a mostly minimalistic approach. These creations take place both in the digital and real world.

Next week refreshed by this cool weather, we'll bring some new visual inspiration for you to enjoy! Meanwhile, we hope you scroll down and share Top 10: Black & White Projects with your colleagues 🙂

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22.03 2023

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for our new top collections on Mindsparkle Mag's all social channels. You can now find all these projects as inspirations on our Pinterest board Top 10: Character Branding.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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