Top 10: April’s Packaging

The outside is what the sight first catches. Accordingly, this is why we're used to liking someone for their looks; before actually meeting them. The same happens when we're deciding at the supermarket or shopping malls. So, how important is it for brands to think of an engaging and fun unboxing experience for their customers? You can find the answer in Top 10: April's Packaging.

Packaging is one way small and large businesses have to show that they care about their customers when online shopping. As they don't have direct interaction with the client, what's best is to make sure that everything is correct and that their new goods are secured. However, brands may find these challenges as the packaging universe is now adopting new technologies and becoming more customized!
Also, there's a conscious responsibility behind the amount of waste these significant boxes and plastic bags can impact on the planet. And some businesses are willing to make an investment to satisfy their customers and share their values.
Like every week, we've carefully curated ten projects that make packaging the centerpiece of their eye-catching factor so when potential clients see other people's unboxing, they'd love to do the same on their Instagram accounts. If you find this Top 10: April's Packaging article interesting, please do share on social 🙂

26.04 2022


Philosophy Orientation Chocolate by Hesign

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