Outdoors Illustrations

Back with the Illustration Series, on our 10th edition, we're celebrating summer's last month. During the year's warmest season, we enjoy spending time in nature, breathing fresh air, and letting our skin tan. Today, we're featuring a curated selection of floors, walls, and even buses roofs! Here to you: Outdoors Illustrations.

We've carefully curated a selection of murals from all over the world. The collection includes a wide variety of colorful styles, some geometrical, others character-inspired, some others with deep-rooted messages, and summer lovers. Within the diversity, we believe there's a mural painted for everyone 🙂 We hope you'll vibe with any of these Outdoors Illustrations. Basketball fans, we want to read your feedback on the b-ball courts.
This edition brings tons of jolly feelings and summer vibes as we know not every day in summer is sunny and hot. Some of the pictures taken remind us of those relief days when the temperature decreases a couple of degrees. Remember: how could we recognize the good days without having the bad ones?

We love making this selection for you, and we hope you enjoy this Outdoors Illustration Series as much as we do. And as we always say, perhaps by watching these designs, something triggers your next project's inspiration.

22.08 2021

Upcoming new posts hosted on Mindsparkle Mag's ninth Illustration Series edition featuring the last illustration trends, such as UX, 3D, collage, and more.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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