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This article is brought to you by our friends at Editor X. We had a chance to test out their new amazing website creation platform that is made exclusively for designers and agencies who build sites for others. The result? We were simply amazed by it's capabilities and how far you can stretch it as a designer.

Editor X  provides a wide variety of built-in tools, design capabilities, and templates that will help you materialize your digital projects. A fascinating feature about Editor X is that it supplies many collaborative teamwork tools, like design libraries for typefaces, color themes, and assets. This new platform was specifically build to be used by designers and agencies, who push their limits far and beyond to fulfill a client's brief. Without further ado let's jump into it's neat features:

16.08 2021

➔ No limits to your web designs

As designers, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can create on the web. Editor X provides a one-of-a-kind combination of responsive CSS and intuitive drag-and-drop on a flexible canvas. With custom breakpoints, you can deliver the same powerful impact on any screen size, and you can use flex layouts and CSS grid to design seamless and intricate layouts. Their design features page is pretty amazing and will give you a great overview and is useful as a source of inspiration.
It enables you to create, launch, and manage websites with built-in marketing and business solutions, eliminating the need for third-party integrations. You can create sites that meet all of your clients' business needs, from robust eCommerce solutions to advanced SEO plans and booking systems. Also, we found their business solution page pretty useful and helpful.

➔ Facilitating teamwork 

When working in teams and deeply involved clients, Editor X allows you to assign custom roles and permissions to ensure conflict-free collaboration. Shareable design libraries let you work on multiple projects on the same account. You can save assets, share and reuse them.  
As Editor X’s is code-free CMS, it allows you to update and manage content-rich sites behind the scenes. You can connect your content to site designs through organized databases, so you or your clients can make updates regularly without touching the design.

➔  Are you in need of some next-level web design inspiration?

If you’re searching for how to kick off your web project, Editor X’s templates selection has some amazing templates— choose one and it will also teach you how the tool works and how to apply some of your ideas to your designs. You can also filter the sites depending on the different site types, like 3D design, innovation, eCommerce, etc, or the website's main features, like animations, CMS, header scroll effects, and more! You can also explore some next level web design creations on the Showroom build in Editor X.

➔ We did a test to see what it takes to build a responsive website with Editor X

As a reminder... responsive web design adapts to the size and capabilities of each device or browser on which it is viewed ensuring that visitors always see the best version of your site. Nowadays, it's a MUST: With so many devices, browsers, and resolutions on the market, developing a responsive website is now required for thinking a successful user experience. This is our recommended best-practice how to build a responsive website in Editor X from scratch:

  1. Get started with wireframes
  2. Define breakpoints
  3. Design for small screens first
  4. Create a fluid grid
  5. Optimize images for responsive design
  6. Finally optimize typography for responsive design

What are you waiting for? Give Editor X a try and create fabulous websites with this new platform. Visit - it's worth it!

Credits: Editor X

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