Kassi Typeface | Mathematics involved with font design

Remember those old days at school when the maths class seem to never end? Well, today, we're bringing back some of those names that might sound familiar. There are no mathematical equations involved, for granted. Not disconnected from digits, we're back with the Type Series. Meet Kassi Typeface, a condensed typeface inspired by the scientific and mathematical world designed by Almarena.


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27.10 2022

Almarena, a French design duo, is responsible for Kassi's existence. Tons of hard-working hours and decision-making involves a new font's development. Well-known Rene Descartes stated that by dividing each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it. Indeed, we believe this creative community knows the importance of the macro view when starting a project. The exercise of breaking it down into daily, small actions will reflect results in the long term. 



How many of these mathematicians did you hear about at school?

Kassi is available in 2 styles: The Classic version, simple and readable with a touch of originality, and the Display version, more elegant and contrasting. Plus, it's compatible with 93 languages and includes other alternatives. Quoting an Enlightened thinker, Sir Isaac Newton, you have to make the rules, not follow them. Actually, this is a valuable concept not only for type design; but for many creative areas. Consistency shouldn't be scarce in a designer's personality. In other words, sticking to your vector idea or concept and acting or decision-making should stick to it. 


Paraphrasing Leonhard Euler, transcendental typefaces transcend the power of type approaches 😉 For instance, Kassi takes place in both legible and ornamental worlds. Jérémie Gauthier and Romain Billaud built a stunning font design and came up with a magnificent presentation, super eye-catchy. They challenge us to solve some math problems and enjoy their display. Though, we're still eager to deduce the hidden structure and vector idea for this beautiful condensed typeface.


At last, here are some inspirational quotes from some of the mathematicians mentioned ut supra to think over this day.

Except for our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.
Rene Descartes

Live your life as an Exclamation rather than an Explanation.
Sir Isaac Newton

Credits: Almarena

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