Illustration Series: Portraits

Back with the Illustration Series, we're featuring some stunning real-life portraits and some very conceptual ones. If you've ever done an illustration before, digitally or old-school, you already know that what matters the most is to reflect yourself and your style! And what's best than representing other human beings or even yourself? Here you Illustration Series: Portraits.

Go and find your sunnies, as of today's series common topic; besides all of them being portraits, shades seem to be a trending topic as well. The edition includes both; artworks made just for art's sake and others following a creative brief for a larger project. The styles vary from mega detailed 3D portraits to bidimensional, neon-colored ones. What we love the most about this selection is the perception illustrators have for humans and how they represent them according to their feelings.

All in all, we're super happy about the curated projects and we believe it's a great, inspirational gift we make for you from the deepest of our hearts for this amazing design community.

04.11 2021

Upcoming new posts hosted on Mindsparkle Mag's ninth Illustration Series edition featuring the last illustration trends, such as UX, 3D, collage, and more.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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