Illustration Series: March’s Favorites

Hyped by 2022 trends, we are back with our Illustration series. Today, we're excited to showcase a wide selection of projects that don't solely belong to the digital world. We're going bold! Our picks include haute-couture photography intervention, a cafe located in Buenos Aires, and more 🙂 Here to you, Illustration Series: March's Favorites

On this occasion, we wanted to intentionally expose how illustration is present in small, ordinary things. For instance, we cross paths with this graphic resource while navigating an app on our phone, while going out for drinks with friends, or for a job presentation. This carefully curated selection aims to notice how we're used to sharing our lifestyle with these beautiful illustrations, which are not just artwork framed on a wall. And if they are meant to be, that's amazing too!

All in all, we hope you enjoy Illustration Series: March's Favorites and share it with those who might not be so aware of how illustrations are influencing our daily routines.

24.03 2022

Upcoming new posts hosted on Mindsparkle Mag's ninth Illustration Series edition featuring the last illustration trends, such as UX, 3D, collage, and more.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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