Illustration Series: March’s Favorites

April's already knocking on our door, and here's our Illustration Series: March’s Favorites. It's been a long month so far, and we curated some otherworldy illustrations that will make you want to create something new. There are plenty of projects that will probably be blown your mind too. So, what are you waiting to scroll down?

This selection includes a couple of disruptive, out-of-the-blue projects that will stick to your minds all week long. Perhaps, their shapes or techniques will resonate and inspire you to create new things.
Enjoy the exoticness of Illustration Series: March’s Favorites and share it with your colleagues 🙂

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01.04 2023

Upcoming new posts hosted on Mindsparkle Mag's ninth Illustration Series edition featuring the last illustration trends, such as UX, 3D, collage, and more.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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